Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Chapter Seven: Bankrupt, I am declared Mate of the Third Watch.

Being an on-going reprint of Lionel Peckeridge's classic novel. Click on the pics for better eyesight. Or open them using one of them gimmicks.


large said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh The memories of the sVeedishh watch..........

only we worked when not on watch,.. what rest time...

See You Soon,.

TCR said...

Here from a super Svvvveeedissh-girl,
Very, very bad news.
ThirdMate is Extremely Infirmed; Hospital-like, at ICU Charlton (no visitors!!!)
Rather seriously!
And, as I have no direct contact with you, and this is all I can think of now, I will just put it here:
Please be in touch ASAP!!!
TCR (the cute redhead)

TCR said...

BTW- ALL - Thirdmate-
that last entry!

The man is incredible! I thought he had scanned it from some old novel...
Wrote it himself, on the spot.

Someone, PLEASE, SEE his geniuous for what it is reaaly worth!


TCR said...

I just got an update: Thirdmate is doing excellently!

Expect him back, and blogging, in just a few days.


Julie said...

That's good news. I know he hates being on the beach, so I hope he gets back to normal very soon!

Dr. Momentum said...

I had missed this because I caught this blog entry before the serious comments showed up. I was taken aback when Julie said the fellow had been hospitalized.

My wellwishes and hope for a speedy recovery. Hospitals are meant for short visits only! May you put this behind you soon.

TCR said...

Thanks - I'll pass these well wishes along! He has been busy getting his rig squared (Thanks, Large, & I hope I got that right...) and is near-ly "all-good" by now (Sunday).
Be well,