Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Solstice

St Thomas gray, St. Thomas gray,
The longest night and the shortest day.
"Doubting" Thomas is the patron of builders, architects, and carpenters. He drew the short straw when the disciples were divvying up the ministries, and got stuck going to India to spread the word. Surprisingly, he wasn't killed by the king who gave him money to build a palace. (Thomas gave the money to the poor.) The king learned in a dream that Thomas had built a fabulous palace in heaven by his good deeds, which were the king's good deeds, by the Associative Property of Good Deeds. Thomas got speared by a prince whose wife dug the carpenter/saint. Those who follow the saint can celebrate his day by getting money from wealthy clients. Wth personality disorders. Who haven't paid yet for something you did three years ago. Like that frigging window that I replaced three times. Because it was "too big." Then "too high." Then "too small." How about I just cut the whole wall out and you can get drapes? That'll be 50 grand.
Of course, one can always celebrate the week before the Solstice and the week after the Solstice as "Halcyon Days." To mariners of old, these were the days of days of happiness and tranquility. After the Summer storms (which we had) and before the Winter storms, which we hope to not have.
Your choice. Doubting Doling Thomas Day, or Halcyon Days.
Of course, you can always just celebrate the Yule by drinking around the village wassailing, eating apples & oranges, burning the Ash and cheering the return of the Oak King.
And that's why we say "Happy Holidays."
Celebrate yours responsibly.

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