Friday, June 16, 2006

Hughes delivers a lesson...

Ashore on a certain temperate island. Although the hippocampus ['seahorse'] would not be designated officially for another twenty years, the Third Mate joins Hughes remembering lessons learned from a naturalist from Endeavor...

On a strange shore, my first instinct is to seek fresh water and possibly food. Some Impossibles have other goals. The ship’s clerk, Hughes, considers himself an amateur scientist, and thus seeks interesting specimens of flora and fauna. At this moment, Hughes is waist-deep in a seaweed pool, with a strange telescope-like device in his hand. He does not train the telescope at the horizon or onto the island. He’s peering into the pool.

"Do you care to see?" he asks me, handing me the device."Here. Swicherley made this.Do you see them?"

I look and surely see not fishes, but remarkable little horse-shaped creatures. And with one, a group of even smaller ones.

"You see? Can you see how the mother cares for the offspring?

"Well, of course. That’s what mothers do," I try to raise myself to the moment.

"But there’s something different about this mother," Hughes replied conspiratorially.

"What’s that?"

"It’s the father," exclaimed the proud amateur animalier.


"With these tiny horses of the sea, it’s the male that bears and raises the children."

"The male bears the children?"


"Then," I countered. "Wouldn’t that make him the female?"

"Most certainly not," mused a wounded Hughes. Then, after a spell: "Wait’ll you have young ones."


Karie said...

HAPPY SUPER Father's Day!

To those absent, even more-so;

and to those not here, but "present,"
we LOVE you dearly! Say "Hay!"


Karie & PJ

Dr. Momentum said...

On this note, I will pleasantly slip into Father's Day weekend.

Have a great weekend yourselves!