Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Note from Housekeeping...

SiteMeter informs me of numerous visits to H.M.S. Impossible through searches for "Ian Dury". This recreates the original post (Friday, May 12, 2006) you're looking for:

I believe that manners make a person good to know
I believe in birthday cake and going with the flow
("I Believe" from Ten More Turnips...)
Born 12 May 1942, Ian Dury was a polio survivor (also survivor of a tour with the Who), and an uncompromisingly brilliant lyricist (blending irony, ribald obscenity, brutal honesty, relentless humor, boundless intellect). His energy onstage. His constant reinvention of pop/ska/jazz. His compassion in fighting battles for others, and his courage in his own final battle. Hard to believe he didn't win that one (colorectal cancer in March 2000). Hard to believe that this little guy popularized the phrase "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll" and told everybody else "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick." Has the world changed since he sang "All I want for my birthday is another birthday"? Well, then, here: Happy Birthday, and "All the best, mate."