Monday, November 20, 2006

Jim Haskins

I promised myself I wouldn't get back into the eulogy business, but an old shipmate has cut the painter and I really need to say something about it. Jim was one of the few volunteers on a certain Big Blue Boat who really got it. He loved the ships, the music, the art of the time. While his wife Denise demonstrated facile scrimshandlery, Jim was real Navy, reef and steer, as well as chanteyman. (That's the only picture I could find. But I always think of him that way. Not so much the tricorn, but that constant smile.) He was also probably the only member of the Fall River Chamber of Horrors who knew what that Big Blue Boat really was. He saw potential in all and wasn't afraid to dream a little, and that's probably why he succeeded as Chamber Membership Director in a place like Fall River. A certain fishwrap claims he "captained" the ship, and I guess maybe he did. We had lots of captains. But Jim was never "The Old Man" type. He was a regular hand. I send my well wishes to Denise and the rest of his family and friends.
A heart attack took his life and I can't imagine the damage. His heart was so damned big.


Anonymous said...

I never knew him, but learning about him now is telling me that the area has suffered a real loss.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Large said...

Heresey I say,...

the Docs have it wrong..

call for dental records,fingerprints..

Alas,...I see it is true........

got no words for this one,..

Sail on my friend...sail on