Friday, November 10, 2006


If this is indeed "the journal I leave open on the galley table," I apologize to the Coasties, authoritahs, and others involved in its actual purpose (providing a reference of our journey and source of news for those who can’t visit or pick up the gorram phone). For you, shipmates, perhaps I have been a little busy at our uncertain helm in capricious seas these past few leagues, having now set the rig for new winds. Maybe you could say I’ve been fashioning some hull repairs, after careening. I’ve certainly been focusing the longeye on a point further along the horizon than is usual for this intrepid little barque (to we extend the cute-sea metaphor even further. Plus, the rig has changed.). In the words of the Dude: "...And then, you know, little of this, little of that. My career's, uh, slowed down a bit lately." Sometime next week, I’ll explain further…·

  • The Constitution does not exist so that anything that you think should be "the law of the land" will be. But our Constitution does exist in order to allow for your existence, even if you don’t get it. So stop trying to change it.
  • We’ve had to endure the past 6 years of sore winners. Let’s hope we’ve learned our lesson.
  • “We got a nice quiet beach community here, and I aim to keep it nice and quiet.”
  • Lebowski quotes. Just the thing for Fall.

UPDATE: An admiral who doesn't command anything is known colloquially as a yellow admiral, a "rear admiral without distinction of squadron." The yellow admiral had been "promoted" to land, impotent, unequipped, disenfranchised, and, as one maritime law dictionary holds, "unsuccessful or incompetent." I've never heard of one actually flying a yellow ensign (as opposed to the White, Blue, or Red ensigns flown at sea) but I suppose one might wear a yellow tie.


TCR said...

...or a yellow belly.

ThirdMate said...

Understand, a Yellow Admiral isn't on land because he's a coward. He's there because the Admiralty doesn't think he's worthy of a squadron. If we abide the HMSImpossible conceit: In our democratic republic, the people are the Admiralty, and they (we) have decided this particular admiral doesn't deserve the traditional powers anymore. I'm sure the historical Admiralty wouldn't promote anyone who lied in order to start a war, put nong-nongs in charge of important crises, ignored and debased Admiralty rules, etc. Going back a few hundred years in Japan, yellow was the color of courage. Pathologically, of course, all liars are cowards, so, yeah, there's that yellow belly.

Karie - tcr said...

So, yellow can be both the color of courage and of fear.
Very interesting.
It is the chakra color of the solar plexis, or the center/core. A place of great personal strength, or of knots of worry.
Butterflies in your stomache?
Gutless wonder.

Anyway, I think I like the "black bar" accessory with his outfit.