Tuesday, December 12, 2006

For those Googling© "New Bedford" to find "strip club shooting" stories...

New Bedford and surrounding environs are just as shocked by the violence you're probably searching for right now. This is not a part of our culture. Two isolated incidents of unstable people perpetrating unspeakable acts in a year is two too many as far as this sailor is concerned.
But be very sure of this:
New Bedford is one of America's first cities, and (for a few years) was actually its wealthiest. From its earliest inhabitants, the Wampanoags, to its most recent arrivals, the Mayans, we who have dropped anchor here have always found its harbor pleasant, its winds reliable, and its fields worth working.
You out in Montana or Florida or California surely have your moments that might shame you. But we all share the moments that shape us.
From the crosstrees here on Apponogansett harbour, I have been so humbled and enheartened by the outpouring of support I received just as I continue to recuperate from Lyme disease and kidney failure. I am glad every day that I was served by Saint Luke's Hospital in New Bedford. Every one who helped me -- from Emergency Room personnel to doctor's receptionists -- worked with passionate professional eagerness. To this day I haven't been able to properly thank everyone who took the time to send regards. I have been embraced by the extraordinary arts community (of which I have always been a fringe actor/director/writer) and I add my voice to theirs. We urge the world to look at New Bedford and remember us, not those headlines. Remember the woodworker who devised a lasting memorial to his beloved in the form of a travelling museum exhibit. We hope that you remember the many souls who stood in the cold to shout down civil rights abusers -- whether over last weekend or over the last two centuries. We want you to remember that our museums look to the future by providing our young people education and opportunity. We want the world to know that we are pulling off economic recovery thanks to stubborn creativity and a love of the hard work it takes.
We urge you to continue Googling© "New Bedford."
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