Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Card Season

And let the Peace we're supposed to remember at this time of year truly find you.
(The card was devised and executed by a future graphic artist enrolled in the New Bedford Art Museum's afterschool program. I think he's eight. Just in case the wider world of the internets has trouble remembering that the biggest city near my mooring has something besides tragic bar imbroglios. The captains of the local Salvation Army corps are Gerald & Debra Morgan. Yep, New Bedford actually has two Captain Morgans.
Everytime I hear the Talk Radio Generation and their crossed-arms complaining cant about "whatsamatter with kids today." Everytime the Viagra Generation throws malnourishing snacks, PlayStations and DVDs at the problem. Everytime X generation is frustrated that the previous two boorish nitwits ruined our ecology, our economy, and our collective soul in the selfish pursuit of capitalism and war. Whenever I get discouraged by my own gloomy responsibilities...
Kids still wear hightops and skateboard and read comicbooks and listen to music their folks don't understand. And for a little while, they brandish a glimmer of the future: the tangible dreams, the demand for progress, education, and improvement. And hope.
And with so many "manger scenes" demanding attention among lighted deer and blow-up HomerSimpsonSanta figures, you'd think someone might notice that kid, and what a kid -- ANY kid -- represents. Happy Holidays.)

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Karie said...

THIS is the stuff that really matters....children and truth and a very chilly, but passionate pastime. FISH ON!
Happy Holidays!