Friday, December 15, 2006


  • Guns and strippers will always make the front page, first story in the newscast. And they’ll go right on with Full Coverage© of the Breaking Story™ for a week, all the while complaining that we spend too much time on the bad and not enough on the good.
  • Guns and strippers are really great timekillers. You can do sidebars on the NRA and assault weapons, special reports on the families of sex trades workers, meaningful moments on mental illness and gun permitting, a commentary on bravery, a station editorial praising the police, a scathing rebuttal on community standards. I’m sorry I’m not an assignment editor now.
  • When I was younger, I had “an uncle” in the Massachusetts State Senate. He always told me interesting stories about Massachusetts politics, and instilled in me an understanding of local politics. One of his favorite lines was, “When I retire, I’m going out as Mayor of Fall River.” So...
  • There’s a “speak your mind loudly and rashly without thinking much” guy running for Mayor in Fall River. He’s honest about his service to the city as City Councilor. He’s honest about his success at the American Dream (He owns a restaurant). He’s honest about his heritage (He’s a Portuguese immigrant.). He’s honest about his ambition (He wants to be mayor.) He’s actually argumentative and chillingly simplistic. He should learn that he’s really just candid, inconsiderate, and tactless. Which I guess means honest in the SouthCoast.
  • This journal was cited by Keri Rodrigues from local radio. Luckily, every six months or so, I have my finger on the pulse. Hanx, K-Rod!
  • And don't forget: Tonight starts Hanukkah. To keep you up on the latest swing in CHanukkah Caroling, H.M.S. Impossible presents Kenny Ellis:


Anonymous said...

Matey! I wish this Wyoming gal could think of something witty to write to such an accomplished wordsmith, but I have been dry docked for far too long. You'll be happy to learn that the strip club shooting stories have not made it this far West. I don't wånt to know the details because I choose to focus on all the good in New Bedford. I miss it. I'm glad to hear you're recovering. Wishing you red skies at night...

Karie said...

Nice call, WyomingGal!
Thirdmate deserves a bunch of "sailor's delight's."

Anonymous said...

In regards to the last Blog (it would not give a good "word verification")...
Thankfully, people seem to be too busy "Googling" stuff like "blogosphere" or "lycopene"... "syllable" and "quotation"
to notice "rampant shooting at strip club."

MAYBE...because they purchased the latest edition of "100 Words To Make You Sound Smart."

Somewhere, over the rainbow, people still care about things like... being smart.

(hint: they are not hanging out at the strip-clubs. and btw- "smart" is NOT hauling out an M-16 on your friends. That is plain ole' "DUH").