Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My birthday was a couple of days ago so I call hands to the capstan for a look back at the past watch.

The health stuff here and here is incomplete. I’m no longer on dialysis, but I still need to replace my existing renality. (Type O, if you’ve got an extra. Kidney, that is.)
The most dramatic physical event in my life had been, up to that point, cutting off my horse tail and at least I got to donate that to a kid. But over the past year, I beat Crichton for other worldly physical abuse (Farscape reference. Thought you could go a whole year without one, eh?). I have had tubes inserted into veins. I have had blood removed, cleaned and put back in. I have had lasers shot into my eyes. I have been an unwilling host to a foreign thing. I have been poked, prodded, and questioned like Guantanamo.
And a friend (who happens to be a nurse) said that he was surprised because he “always thought [I was] a good diabetic.”
Just how “good” a diabetic have I been? Besides the booze and smokes, I mean. And the "no shoes" thing. In the clinical labtest world of diabetes management, there is a blood test which monitors a diabetic’s control over three months:” the Hemoglobin A1C. 5.6 last check. 5.3 before that. (I’m shooting for between 4 and 6.) You get the picture. Some diabetics I have met recently have never seen a number lower than 8. But I’ve never been about competition. If you’re a diabetic who’s happened upon this site, don’t forget that you’re not alone in this. Feel free to use the comments. You’d better have a doc you can argue with, who’ll learn about your diabetes right along with you. Ask questions, demand answers. Research. And remember it’s not about “winning” or getting over it” or cheating. It’s about your life. You wanna get mad about it? Use your rage. Get on the phone and demand healthcare. Write letters to your representatives, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies.
What was the worst moment of '06? The Lyme? The dialysis? The asking my sister for a kidney? No.
The worst was when I had to watch a fellow who is on a Jurassic treatment plan with a dinosaur insulin refuse to get an insulin pump because he didn’t want anyone at work to know he “had the sugah.” And he’ll have a low blood sugar that scares his wife in the middle of the night and end up with a 550 in the office.

An insulin pump, about the size of a pager, with a tube that delivers insulin the same way his wife’s pancreas does. As easy to program as a cell phone. Probably easier. There are kids in middle school (not an easy place to be different). Playing hockey... For more information, stop by Chuck Eichten’s site, Better is Better
And that concludes our overwrought public service programming.
Now, back to Farscape:, Firefly. (the link above the teevee gives you Tom Lehrer)


Large said...

"the unfortunate thing about those that teach and inspire is that they will never know how far their reach truly is....."

once again you inspire me and yes I would stand watch with you any day or night

cat said...

Although I do believe that we are never given more than we can handle, sometimes just the sight of all those balls in the air is daunting. Pardon the expression sir, but in the past year you and yours have had more balls than I ever hope to have. I tip my hat to you both on a regular basis.