Friday, January 26, 2007

No place like Nome...

Current weather conditions for
Nome, AK

light snow
10 °F
[-12 °C]
Feels Like
-7 °F / -22 °C
Wind: 16 mph from N
Dew Point: 5 °F / -15 °C
Humidity: 78%
Pressure: 29.37 inches
Visibility: 4 miles
Updated at 01/26/2007 02:33 pm AKST

current weather conditions

Current weather conditions for
Dartmouth, Massachusetts

clear sky
9 °F
[-13 °C]
Feels Like
-6 °F / -21 °C
Wind: 13-24 mph from NW
Dew Point: -13 °F / -25 °C
Humidity: 36%
Pressure: 29.87 inches
Visibility: 10 miles
Updated at 01/26/2007 05:53 pm EST


Large said...

Remember its not the heat (or lack of) its the humidity..


at least it is a dryer -13

it is interesting however to note that Hellmouth err Darkmouth umm well it is about to freeze over according to this set of numbers,..maybe the powers that be are sending a message to the temporary powers that think they be a message ? then again the politicos always have heating oil don't they ....

ThirdMate said...

Fear not! Hellmouth is always secure with the Buffster about. We might even get -- gasp -- a snow flurry today or tomorrow. Of course, they're predicting 50's later this week. See? We get our winter. Only in quick 21st-Century media bursts, so as not to bore the attention-deficient, like politicos.