Friday, January 19, 2007


  • Since the sad "political" wannabes of the SouthCoast have have taken over the airwaves with their announcements of intentions to run for sucker positions, I can't help but shut off the radio and ignore the printed self-importancies. Which is a shame, because Keri Rodrigues of WSAR has put this "journal" on her "blogroll." Or whatever you kids are calling it. I thank her, but I don't see how the random musings of a mad sure multi-adept auto-didact former pirate-avoider can in any way be of interest in the battle against the SouthCoast's Cult of Authority.
  • Yes, Cult of Authority: "The boss is always right. It's a law." Keeping the creative and progressive down for 140 years. Why stop now, Town-With-No-Museum?
  • Besides, whenever I hear radio talk show callers discussing "hip-hop and the gangster [sic] lifestyle,” it reminds me of Islamic fundamentalists who talk about America’s depraved culture.
  • I know it’s impolite to “out” someone. “Hand, reef, and steer” has nothing to do with what (or whom) you do in your own bunk. It’s nobody’s business. And, frankly, can get counterproductive. So equality and honesty is just a way to make your community better, like picking up stray wrappers on the sidewalk. But in a town like Fall River, such admissions are deemed by Catholic locals as "scandalous." Isn’t it wiser and honester, if one is running for office and everyone’s been whispering about one’s sexuality, that a certain level of personal integrity might urge one to admit and move on, rather than not admit and continue pretending one lives in a sophisticated town that doesn't have to think honestly about sexuality. Just a thought.
  • Starbucks has decided to open another shop in London every two weeks. They might look at the SouthCoast. There are 2 Starbucks in a 10-mile radius of my mooring. I know of one other place in New Bedford where Starbucks coffee is sold, but I’m talking about actual Starbucks shops. Lucky I don’t drink coffee.
  • Putting aside the difference between pop culture awareness and cultural literacy, (not that Starbucks is any indicator of an area’s cultural literacy), if Starbucks shops are an indicator of cultural literacy, it might explain why nobody within a 10-mile radius knows who Amy Sedaris is. Or her brother David.
  • Or the real geniuses of down-the-holler American entertainment and front porch philosophy-song-crafting : Jeff and Benares, who have hoisted the Blue Peter and are heading south. Congratulations to them. Live and play well in Cackalacky. Make us proud. You’re my latest favoritest influences, better than Arnold Schultz and Judy Craig. Okay, he played mandolin and she sang with the Chiffons, but I couldn’t use “Nina Simone and Frankie Valli.” Because that was a Christopher Guest/Bill Murray routine.

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