Friday, January 26, 2007


  • I was raised near this port. I spent at least 3 years in and out of the 18th Century on Tall Ships, and a year or so at sea on other people's boats. I've worked in radio, retail, television, finance, fundraising, agriculture, and the arts. So, no, I've never had to deal with the real world.
  • So the judge in the Scooter Libby Trial told the jurors they shouldn’t listen to the radio or watch the news. Because, he said,"While I believe the press tries to report things accurately sometimes they get it wrong." He did, however, allow them to watch "Judge Judy." These judges, always sticking together.
  • Another SouthCoast call center! For those of you playing along in the real world, that means you have another whole opportunity to call customer service and get a "Customer Service" operative with a bad accent who’s mean-spirited, poorly-educated, leaves her kid in the car while at work, and thinks "service" means getting you off the phone so she can get her smoke break. (Although ya gotta love any company that locates its headquarters, according to the “Directions” link on its webpage, to the left of Dairy Queen.)
  • Quote o'the Week: Chuck Hagel (R- Nebraska, to the rest of the Senate): “Why were you elected? If you wanted a safe job, go sell shoes."
  • The Defense Department has given the Navy permission to continue using sonar to confuse and kill whales and dolphins for TWO MORE YEARS. Yeah. That Defense Department.

He's loud, animated, and probably NSFW. Reminds me of all the kids who were funnier than I in high school. Because he grew up on Cape Cod. If you've got 9 minutes to kill, kill it with these clips of Dana Gould, the Forgotten Comic.

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ThirdMate said...

I left out the construction and museum jobs because those are actually "real world." Oh, and the agriculture, even if I was working for a nutbag.