Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Surprise! A Tall Ship AND A FREE TABLA LESSON!

Yes, yes, I know... The 'Mate hasn't been quite up to sorting out the signal flags and free-gamming on the port visits of interesting barkies and gigs. So, Chennai Online reports that "Chennai will witness 10 days of Sweden-related events as the world's largest replica of a sailing tall ship comes into Chennai Port." It's all part of the 10-day 'Sweden Comes to Chennai' marketing extravaganza and India-Sweden love-fest, starting today. (I don't know where I.N.S. Tarangini is, but India's tall ship is visiting Newport this Summer. Keep 'em peeled.)
Now, I know what you're thinking. "That Indian online gang called the Götheburg a 'replica of a tall ship.' The Götheburg is an actual sailing tall ship." In essence, most tall ships are replicas of tall ships. Except for the ones that were invented by the builders. Which are originals. Some are scale models of tall ships, and are actually tall ships all on their own. Some are just like tall tall ships, only smaller. I wish I had a picture of "The World's Smallest Tall Ship," built and sailed by great sailor, musician, and dad Jody Gibson. Cheers to his family. You all taught me much.
There really is a tall ship event starting today in India. Which affords me an opportunity to share with you a band that'll be appearing during there, "Mynta," a fusion of Nordic ice and Indian spice" (well, that's what the website says. As does, I would imagine, the t-shirt.):

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