Tuesday, February 6, 2007

"H.M.S. Impossible At The Movies"

from The Magnificent Seven:

(a shot clips the tip of Chris' cigar)
Vin: You elected?
Chris: Nah. (looks at cigar) I got nominated real good.
For the past twenty years, a certain segment of our society has spent all of its energy deriding, ridiculing, and underestimating Jimmy Carter, the U.N., Jacques Chirac & the French in general, Al Gore, teachers and scientists. From the constant slander by talk radio creeps to the flippant vilification by the media, there is plenty of ammunition spoon fed to those who find it necessary to defame and debase.
So, has anybody heard that Al Gore has been nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on educating the world about global climate change? Or that the U.N. named him "Champion of the Earth?" Or even that An Inconvenient Truth is up for an Academy Award? No. The people who should be congratulating our former Vice-President are too busy talking about an astronaut in diapers kidnapping her love rival. Looking for links to share these stories with readers, I found a bunch of goons using this opportunity to make fun of Gore, Carter, and the international community. All at the same time. And the media is thrilled to report that a certain fat OxyContin-addicted, racist has also been "nominated."
Since Al can't get a break here in his own country (the British agree to show his film to school children, but Americans whine about showing such things to their own lazy obese addle-headed barely functional punks), I thought I'd share the following: At the bottom of this page is a link to StopGlobalWarming.org. Go ahead and click on it.
And here's a clip, with subtitles :


Dr. Momentum said...

Hell - I want to vote for him again.

But, sadly, I believe we've missed our chance.

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