Friday, February 23, 2007

I have the dollar...

Daily Pilot has a swell story about one of my favorite dreams: Buying a ship for a dollar. Of course, when you buy a metal-sick wood-rotten old topsail ketch for a dollar, you're probably expecting to throw a million or so more dollars right after it. But the Argus Foundation, new owners of Argus (shown here, in splendid full parade, complete with fleur de lis main during the 2005 TallShipsLA event)seem willing to try, so I'm wondering...

If there are available any topsail schooners or brigantines at least 70-ft on-deck with less than 10-ft draft and beamy -- like 26 feet -- let me know. I have a dollar, and am willing to go as high as $20, as long as it doesn't cut into my repair fund. (I will not be a phony-ass foundation, because that would mean giving old self-important non-sailing rich guys positions of power. Frankly, The 'Mate don't roll like that.) Belowdecks: Besdies luxurious cabins, I'm going to replicate my friend Steve's dad's basement office/bar/galley combo. He was real Navy. The navstation I'll have to completely redesign because charts will be useless for the most part after the oceans rise.

Sails with thin-film solar technology will provide all power needs, so goodbye fossil fuel Iron Genney (That's why I need at least one squaresail. That and life at sea without yards is not worth living.). Solar-power desalinator provides plentiful "fresh" water for the hydroponics, still, and showers. I'm hoping there'll still be fish after the anthropogenic ocean disaster, so the cats and the Beloved and I are permanent happy liveaboards while the rest of you arm-wrestle for Spam. I'll never have to shovel snow again. Endless Summer, courtesy Here's My Ship Impossible.

You have your dreams.


Large said...

Just what ever happened to Mr. McFaddens "Black Pearl" and Anna ??

Thirdmate said...

YES! You knew exactly what I was picturing.
Black "It's like a belaying pin, only smaller" Pearl. Did Barc sell or did he donate to the Rose Foundation? That's about when we got aboard.
I know I thought I saw the Pearl when I was sailing LI Sound a few seasons back, but then someone said Pearl was doing charters on the other shore -- Europe I mean.
Way to bring me back 14 years. Thanks, Large.

Large said...

Call me ,..

short young blonde crewed the pearl in Norwalk...and Block Island