Friday, February 23, 2007


  • The sort-of-nearby town of Wareham MA is holding its Mardi Gras Celebration” this Sunday. They planned it that way. Umm ... Mardi Gras was last Tuesday. That's where the "Mardi" part comes from. They’ve also shortened Lent to two consecutive Thursday afternoons in July.
  • The MardiGrazation of everything. At the risk of getting all "War on Mardi Gras," I submit that no wonder Wareham doesn't know when Mardi Gras is. You can’t go to an event without some idiot having to dress like a pirate or paint his chest or head. A bank opening, a car sale, a museum’s kids’ day. Face-painting, beads, everything but the nudity and drunkenness. Which is the whole point.
  • Democratic Party of Nevada and Fox “News” brings you a Presidential debate. How about not? Anyway, they're probably covering some Britney Spears car chase or something.
  • Eboni Deon is the Weather Channel personality I mentioned last week. The one who advises people to go to the mall to avoid cold, hot, or bad weather. There: She did it again. I am suggesting she say “library” or “indie film festival.”
  • I live on an old dairy farm, now a vineyard. It’s all protected land, including ancient forest and the saltmarsh to my east. Every so often, I’ll see (and hear) one of the most amazing animals on earth, an osprey. Osprey are alive in the saltmarsh environs because of Gil Fernandez. I wish I had thanked him personally. Gil crossed the bar this week. (Standard Times file photo)

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