Wednesday, February 7, 2007

SouthCoast Cultural Awareness, Part III: "How to recognize a hoax, B"

Look: I do what I do here so I don't waste paper with what I alone think is a clever turn of phrase or an interesting way of looking at the course ahead. Because, in some cases, the phone is busy or I can't find a crayon. Even when I rip a page out of Captain Wallbank's Almanack, (or any other fiction I invent) I clearly admit that I invented it, that funny is subjective, and I'm not trying to fool or convince anyone about anything. For instance: I believe in the scientists (and others) who have been warning us about anthropogenic global climate change. I believe everyone is equal and responsible for their share, which includes helping those who can't help themselves, like older, younger, unhealthier people and animals. I'm not publicizing my appearances or selling the book I haven't written yet. Although I do have T-shirts and magnets at CafePress. Thanks for listening.

Unfortunately, some bloggers take themselves too seriously. I swallowed that pill last year when I spread (what I did not know was a) joke by the Yes Men masquerading as Halliburton . Yeah. I fell for the SurvivaBall. That's the Yes Men's raison d'ĂȘtre: not only to point out the ridiculous in large corporate-geopolitics, but also to deflate some self-styled do-gooders and gossips.

It's the right of any blogger to decide what level of integrity is appropriate to them. There's a certain "SouthCoast" website I won't link here. (Actually, I've hidden a link in this paragraph.) Disguised as a site of "City of Whaling Information," it makes me uneasy due to its manicly uneven mixture of self-impressed sophmorism, unreasoned libelousness, and unexpected humorlessness. With my characteristic willingness to help, I toyed with notifying them that they have been made chumps by the Yes Men. But it's way more fun to watch them be mistaken. I'll go on watching to see how long they insist that the World Trade Organization is "bringing back slavery." So far, two days. They even link to the phony WTO site. As well as to some other conspiracy-theory asshat who didn't get the joke either. Oh, and they're three months late. Of course, they didn't notice that the WTO site's URL is So, don't worry about not knowing the difference between the 60 year-old General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades and the group it inspired, the World Trade Organization. Here's culturekiosque's story from last November about the Yes Men's WTO Slavery hoax.

So, I prescribe the following inappropriately-timed diversion :


karie said...

Maybe The Yes-Men could use this Tequila promo as the basis of a real good hoax! People seem willing to buy all kinds of pharmaceuticals based on the tv ads...just imagine all the possibilities!

ThirdMate said...

Parody ads. Can't beat 'em. SNL did some great ones, but Mad magazine, Adbusters, and kids who want to be funny all join in the culture jamming fun. A website is devoted to Panexa, ( is still a fave. Almost as good as Happy Funball.