Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"This We Believe..." plus obligatory wave over bow moment

I bring attention to the latest installment of the "This I Believe" meme (for want of a better word) that the New Bedford paper has been publishing as part of a collaboration with NPR's Jay Allison's national radio essay contest project called "This I Believe." . If you can get past the Reed Richards hair, and his too-young-to-be-an-ex-mayor demeanor, John is an okay guy who speaks exactly how he writes. (I understand that may not be a compliment. I once went to a fundraiser where he was asked to rouse the crowd, and as he droned on, the only "rousing" was done at the bar. I was also present where he got a bunch of traditionally cheapass SouthCoasters to write some unexpectedly heavy checks.) He does sail a pretty boat and once you get past his curriculum vitae, here he venerates the sea with a fervor that is rare in people with such -- erm -- white roots. I reprint here his salient point:

My life is immeasurably enriched by these connections to the sea. And so I am sad when I see connections abandoned or weakened. If we think our seafood comes from a supermarket and not the hard labor of our neighbors who fish, we sever a connection. If we live near the water but don't go in it or on it, we let a connection die. If we pollute our waters with carbon dioxide, which turns the ocean to acid, or nitrogen which sucks out oxygen, or oil which covers wildlife, or mercury which poisons fish, then we are cutting off the connection that keeps us alive.

See what I mean? Okay guy.
But just so you don't think I'm quoting the "port-a-potty 40'" man and losing my real wood cred, here's an episode of Yacht Rock, which isn't as funny as some of the others, but I'm not gonna drop you in the middle of the race. You're free to find the next marker. Or not. Here:

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