Monday, February 12, 2007

When Interests Collide...

I love the give-and-take of politics. I don't much write about it, because I prefer to let those who would turn the InterWebs into a politcopunditocracy do so until they're asked to take it outside. Plus, I'm more the jump-up-and-down-screaming kind of political commentator the gundeck loves to shove in the scuttle.

I also love pretty boats with a tradition of learning and teaching. The Washington state legislature has been debating making Lady Washington "the Official State Ship of Washington State" for a month or so. All right, Lady Washington is a brig, a little small, but as of this scribbling, 94 "yeas" for HB-1084 on the floor sure looks like congratulations are in order. ('Hoy, Cap'n Ben, et. al.)

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Karie said...

Wow! She's a plump and pretty little thing. Good for them! Let's hope they can (unlike the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' flagship, Ernestina) keep it proudly & properly funded!