Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Awww... Ain't that cute...

I get a kick out of young people, with their energy and wide-eyed optimism, seeing the world of possibility and saying things like what DUMass sophomore Chris Szulewski said recently while promoting his little foray (click) into showbiz: “I want to bring back art and entertainment in the community."
By "community," I’m sure this scamp refers to the UMass-Dartmouth community. Actually, there are a number of fine, nationally-celebrated art and artisanry programs at that University. The outside world (the one with the TacoBell and the mall?), sometimes called "SouthCoast," also has a proud and growing base of artists and entertainers who are shocked to hear that their community needs to have "art and entertainment" brought to them.
And apparently folks who bring "art and entertainment" don't consult an activity schedule. This little imp
(whose myspace bio includes the admission, "I have a tatoo of a naked chick sitting on a skull on my ass. Its pretty cool very tasteful. I showed my mom, needless to say she didn't find it funny. I on the other hand found it fucking drop dead funny...") is comfortable in his own intellectual vacuum and prefers to insult the “community” by inflicting on the SouthCoast his “Road Soda brand of entertainment." (“road soda,” for those of us who don't spend all our time trying to score X and hook up, is the co-opted white trash term for beer, often hidden in a fast food cup and imbibed in a vehicle while riding or driving. Oh, so naughty.) I was going to make a crack about "sophomoric," but since that's a cheap shot based on an understanding of the classics, I’ll stop.
I wonder what hack in the Public Affairs office let this nipper insult the craftspeople, artists, and musicians in the SouthCoast and at the university with such boorishness. Or what editor thought any of this was appropriate. I understand the newspaper courts younger readers.
But a half-page devoted to some amateur circle jerk when there are museums, galleries, theater and actual cultural events?
There used to be faculty (I think we called them "advisors" or "guidance counsellors") who would warn college students before they embarrassed themselves and others. But since this generation gets a trophy just for showing up at TeeBall practice, I expect it's now established academic policy to allow enrollees to act with insouciance and impunity.
Unfortunately, the grown-ups out here are not so delighted. Puerile, unversed and highly-publicized childishness is anathema to even the amateur entertainment community in the SouthCoast.
"What else is there to do on a Tuesday night?" this moppet asks. Don’t you even listen to your own campus radio station, WUMD? The station, which often proves that DUMass is actually a pretty bright spot, has been announcing this:

UMass Dartmouth Music Dept. will present a Tuesday evening concert series at the Woodland Commons Cafe located on UMD's Main Campus, Old Westport Rd., Dartmouth, MA. Performances will be held in a coffee house setting from 7-9pm and will feature music students, college alumni & music department faculty. The series, which will run up through May 1st, is opened to the public. For further info, call 508-999-8438 or email mgauvin@umassd.edu.

The Open Mic at the New Wave Cafe (143 North Front Street New Bedford) has been going on for years. Tuesday nights. Free pool at Knuckleheads (85 MacArthur Drive) Tuesday Nights. There's a Nepalese movie called Himalaya tonight, on campus.

Do your homework. Don't insult your community, your peers, and your audience, and don't define something publicly that you can't describe.

Learn how to sail before you try to steal that 40' catamaran.

UPDATE: And in nearby Fairhaven, you can enjoy the Marcus Monteiro Quartet every (say it with me) TUESDAY at Bridge Street Station for some of the best alto sax anywhere. Hanx MM4.

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