Friday, March 9, 2007

Commonitions to Navigation

  • Blue- and stompgrass... Tonight at 9:00, Jeff and Benares with The Rust Kings at The Back Room in Flat Rock NC and tomorrow night at the Zuma Coffee House in Marshall NC.
  • Blessed Thistle at Bridge Street Station in Fairhaven MA. Karen (as well as the Bridge Street website) says that they're along with acoustic Jeff Gobush (whom you remember from Rooftop Suicide Club), Cedric "The Entertainer" Josey,and Rebecca Correia (about whom you hear so much ... about).
  • As always, the New Bedford Art Museum is getting great reviews (and wicked good word on the street) for Humanly Possible, 4 Figurative Artists. The artists are art profs from the local Looniversity, and class acts all. 380 people showed up at the opening last month, and you'll wish you were one of them.
  • In Colonial Williamsburg VA, keep an eye out for Paul Giamatti. He's playing John Adams in some teevee miniseries or other, and they've been filming down there because Boston doesn't look like Boston anymore. I wonder where they go to film Williamsburg?
  • If you're your neighborhood's youngest curmudgeon, like me, look for something like Gallery X's High School Select exhibition. The kids are alright.
  • I've added a few subjects to The Gam to the right. The other right. Find joy. Remain unafraid.
  • And, oh yeah, this:

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