Friday, March 2, 2007


  • I love March. The end of Winter. I love the smell of the thawing ground, the first sparkling crocus buds and shining forsythia, "the pleasure in the orchard white" as Frost says "... for this is love and nothing else is love."
  • I hate the racist Paddy’sDay crap. Last mention, promise.
  • Speaking of racism... Why can’t Americans play Americans anymore? Ask Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard. Both are welcome on my vessel. Eddie has been the best stand-up comic over the past 10 years (never mind the mumu) and Ms. Driver is criminally underrated (And she can never mind the mumu, too). They’re going The Full Hugh Laurie, with Ah-mer-kin accents to play con-parents (“The Riches”) who move the family into a swell new house. Which isn’t theirs.
  • The Fall River Orifice of EconoDev has some funny ideas about commuter rail down in this coprner of Mass. (Funny, I didn’t think the masters use the same transport as the slaves.) The idea is that the working class take the train to Boston to work and the leisure class take the train to Fall River to... umm, well, that's where it starts to break down.
  • I enjoyed Inconvenient Truth. Really. It challenged some of my notions (e.g. that climate change is gradual and controllable) and strengthened others (in the aftermath of the film, some folk prize ecological destruction and will lie, distort, and slander in order to do it). I also like when the local paper prints comedy letters: Read this one. It is a joke, right? If not, wow. “King Arthur”? (fixed link)
  • As far as whether Al Gore should run for President in '08: We already elected him.
  • A bunch of folk sent in a bunch of videos inspired by Inconvenient Truth and ask you to judge their work. Go ahead. Some are downright great.
  • A local grease-n-brew sportsbar has decided to sell because get this – its business went down 20% because of the smoking ban that went into effect THREE YEARS AGO. And here I was thinking that business was failing because the teevees were loud, the help was insurmountably ignorant, and the food tasted like ass.
  • Yes, Angelina Jolie is prepping for a seat on the Council on Foreign Relations. This means Brad will have to play hostess to some really boring dinner parties. So, I’m suggesting bringing the kids to the meetings and insisting on fair trade muffins and coffee when it’s your turn to bring.
  • Incidentally, it’s the Council on Foreign Relations, not the Trilateral Commission or the Illuminati. She would never have anything to do with any group that would send The Hulk to outer space.
  • You know where this is going...


Anonymous said...

She Hulk,...

Hmmmmmm.....possibly preparing for the next ( sufferring from sequelitis ) Tomb Raider ??

where Lara must travel from country to country retreiving the dessicated remains of countries forfathers which are kept in test tubes,.then assemble a machine to re-hydrate them but, the last minute the tubes are dropped causing her to have to separate them back into their tubes alas,.as the plot twists the recombined leaders only speak the other leaders language forcing them to perhaps learn to get along on a Global level ( my apologies to Burt Ward and Adam West....)

Call me..

Dr. Momentum said...

I want to read that letter to which you refer, but I think the link is broken. "King Arthur?" Now I'm intrigued.

ThirdMate said...

I fixed the link to the "joke letter" in the S-T. I mean, come on. Thanks for pointing it out. Now, it's back to those yummy Vegetable Skittles. I just can't get enough!