Friday, March 16, 2007


  • When I wasn’t delivering other people’s boats, one of my favorite crews was a Dutch family. If you lived with a family of talking dolphins, you wouldn’t have better, more water-savvy company. That’s why I love to see stuff like this.Maasbommel house
  • Inappropriate over-reactions and a fixation on vengeance. I've spent the greater part of the last week hearing proud attestations of ruthlessness and inhumane remarks. Remarks made by self-professed “law-abiding, hard-working, God-fearing, taxpaying” folk. The people next to me on the highway, admitting that they have no compassion and no understanding of complex or simple issues. I have never given up on my fellow citizens. But I'm getting close. Talk radio, online forums, joint chiefs of staff, religious leaders, appellate courts… All a lack of civility, an abundance of callousness. An unworthy sense of privilege and entitlement. "Solutions" to society’s ills are prescribed with pigheaded self-righteousness, uneducated bigotry, and downright lies about health issues, environmental issues, immigration issues, political issues, foreign affairs, and human rights.
  • Yeah, my local cable provider hasn't carried CNN, or C-Span for the past week, leaving only Faux. It would be better if they just ran Larry the Cable Guy videos.
  • I hope I didn't just Secret-like manifest that.
  • Puny human.
  • Rahm Emanuel needs to grow a sense of humor.
  • Some decisions have nothing to do with politics. In fact, the best decisions have to do with neighborliness.

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