Thursday, March 22, 2007


  • Further proving that this here "interweb presence" is not a hard news site, we discover that the confusing act of self-defeating vandalism I mentioned earlier this week actually occurred last Wednesday. I’m not the first guy on the Neighborhood Watch roster.
  • Radio commingles two competing pretensions: it wants to entertain, and it wants to inform. Talk radio often fails at both. The “Ain’t the 1st Amendment a Bitch” and the “Why’s the Main Stream Media Always Picking on Me” crowds have become the new voice of the “Should be Tongueless.” Until recently, I was a member of the “Let ‘Em All Talk and Let the ‘OFF’ Button Sort ‘Em Out” contingent. Now, I think “the public airwaves” [sic] should all just play accordion waltzes. Everybody has their own (usually mistaken) unshakable apprehension. And an iPod.
  • Our old pal Ken (okay, husband of old pal. But he is old.) tried to rein in the radio fervor with a clever column, but just tossed more vegetable oil on the greasy stove fire that is local radio. In local talk radio -- which was not very good to begin with -- the tricks are more obvious, the flaws are more flagrant, and the mistakes (although certainly easier to deny or discount) are more noticeable.
  • That’s why I'm listening to Carrie Rodriguez. Once again, fiddle trumps polemics.
  • To see how life would be without your computer, try a day without it. You’re supposed to be computer-free tomorrow, March 24, for Shutdown Day. Unless, of course,. you’re reading this tomorrow. In which case: Here’s that bilby everybody’s talking about

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