Monday, April 2, 2007

HOLY WEEK, from Captain Wallbank's Almanack

Religion-wise, a busy week ahead. Passover starts tonight, and Judaism's the faith with the noble Green statement:

"When God created Adam, He took him to survey
All the trees of the Garden of Eden
and said to him: 'See my works, how pleasant
And praiseworthy they are…
Be careful not to spoil and ruin my world.
For, if you spoil, there is no one to repair after you.
And if you think I'm hiring illegals to do this Garden on the cheap --
I was right about the dolphins,
and I'm sorry I didn't give cats thumbs.'"
Then, there's Ash Wednesday, when we celebrate Bruce Campbell's well-known movie role, and then Good Friday, followed by Pretty Good Saturday and then Easter. On Good Friday, we participate in the Stations of the Crosstrees and prepare the local rabbit warren for the appearance of their Savior, the Easter Bunny. Who, if he sees his shadow, forecasts six more months of baseball.
Easter Sunday is also the date of Vesak, or the Buddha's Birthday. But don't bother sending a gift, because it's also the commemoration of the Buddha's death. Buddhism is a convenient belief system in that way.
The godless heathens can go about their business as they will do, relishing their empty-headed and black-hearted soullessness, participating in the 13th Act of the Louis Vuitton Fleet Race of the 32nd America's Cup in Valencia.
Damn Yachties.


Large said...

As I look into the binnacle I see my beloved has upgraded my compass with the ability to view navigational PodCasts :)

it is good to have a ship like this and a star to steer by isnt't it ?

The seas of time are ever expanding and with mates like ours we can weather any storm and the horizon calls............

ThirdMate said...

Am I Podcasting?
I could use the voice work!
On the other hand, it's gotta beat the numbers on the "Jack You've Debauched my Sloth!" T-shirts.