Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So, you come a little too close to The Beach...

...and you learn what "fecal coliform" really means.

I can only sympathize with juvenile minke "Sludgie the Whale" (pictured above) who found a fun vacation spot off Brooklyn. I like Coney, he likes the Gowanus. I like the Gowanus too, but only if I'm on the Carroll Street Bridge. Here's what appears to be the official Sludgie Watch website, It's also a great site for the Red Hooker in all of us during non-cetacean crisis times.
A word of advice, Sludgie: Stay only long enough to get the 4 PBRs in a Bucket Special at Moonshine.

"Sludgie The Whale" is in no way related to "Fudgie The Whale of a Cake" from Carvel. The use of a monicker is in no way an endorsement or recommendation of repurposed ice cream cake products.

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