Friday, April 20, 2007


  • Donna Lange and Inspired Insanity were scheduled to dock at Herreshoff in Bristol RI this weekend. Now she'll be celebrating her return from around the world April 28 at 4pm. Lemme heave a great quote from a recent log entry (from the Google) about her trip and the storm system we've all been suffering: "They are going to have to start naming all the tropical storm D's, 'Donna'...I sure have danced with enough of them." When she gets back, she will have traveled 31,000 miles by one of my favorite means of conveyance, a Southern Cross 28'. (Rather the 31'. One can really use the 3 extra feet living aboard.)
  • Oh, and this year's Southern Cross Rendezvous in July 21,22. Right here in Apponogansett Bay.
  • If you've ever heard This American Life with Ira Glass on your local public radio station, You need to see this 4-minute Chris Ware cartoon. A great fable, with, like all great fables, a moral. Apparently it's on Shotime.
  • New kind of protest: People are walking out of bars and businesses if the teevee is turned to Fox. Try it.
  • If, next Wednesday April 25 at 9pm, check out Bill Moyers Journal: "Buying The War" (also on PBS) or at least tell others. If you can stand Bill's constant pronunciation of our nation's capitol, "Worshington."


Large said...

Have just returned from a voyage and thinking of you I kept this blogs address, seems this gentleman had a vernian knack and I thought you would like to see his take on things such as a leatherbound flatbed scanner and a water cooled computer,.a clockwork trilobyte and the most amusing of spectacles

I thought this distraction might cheer your soul

enjoy your browse..

karie said...

That modified keyboard on "steampunkworkshop" is a real work of art! Thanks-

thirdmate said...

I wonder if we could be devotees of "sailpunk"? If I ever get the book finished, Switcherley the Armourer would be a hero to all the Vernians. (He was developing a steam-energized "tweendecks atmosphere freshener" for Impossible that supplemented the canvas tube mechanism that sent a freshening blast of air below.
And that was in 1791.
As far as the "keyboard" is concerned, there's a credo amoung idlers: Wise hands will find worthy work.
I know Ashley said something about that.
Thx Large.

Large said...

"Sapiens manuum mos reperio dignus opus"

Kind of long for a chapter title......

Hmmm,.....sailpunk ? ?

perhaps we shall wear ship and have another look at that tack sometime....

ThirdMate said...

Our Ashley was fond of jackknife marlingspike industry. But he was not the Latin scholar.
That Lat would look great on a family crest or guild sign or something. But, Fr. Foley would have said:
"I see where you were going with the 'mos reperio.' Clever inclination/mos you have there, that invented something. Use the present indicative. Makes a slogan seem more...presentable."
Typical Jesuit ballbuster.
His trans might have been "Sapiens manuum reperiunt dignus res" Res for "things" and reperiunt (3rd person plural of reperio).He would have dug the alliteration.
I still remember high school Latin, sometimes. And eventually the screaming stops.
I'm going to go gargle with sand now.