Sunday, April 15, 2007

That Gong thing...

That benefit Gong Show thing I hosted for the Orpheum Theater was a success.
Which means that I haven't failed yet as host for semi-vaudevillian events raising money for buildings in need of renovation. Feel free to hire me.
For a new organization trying to make a few bucks to buy some professional cred, the $100 and $50 prizes to the not-gonged winners were very generous. And in a typically New Bedford class act, the winners, Karen Anderson of Blessed Thistle and fiddler Jonathan Danforth gave their prizes back to O.R.P.H. Inc., the sponsoring organization working to restore the second oldest "Orpheum" in America.

The entrants (except one sadly damaged soul, as expected) bloody nailed the concept. After a local journaliste hadn't really sussed the Barris, our audience actually gave Chuck Barris, the teewee originator of this entertainment, an ovation. All the acts redefined vaudevillian taste, which we so desired that evening. As host, it was my duty to answer cell phones that rang during the show, wear and share my H.M.S. Impossible cap (available at CafePress), joke with the numerous judges (including Miss New Bedford 2007, Chantelle Pavao), introduce a waffle iron as proxy for pal and S-T Senior Arts writer David Boyce (who couldn't make it to the show, which I'll explain later). and keep the several bad acts moving by imploring another bad act to return and save the show from terminality.
A good time was had by all, and I was intoxicated to be surrounded by terrific talent. Of course the intoxication became manifest later at New Bedford's Cork, but that's another, other story. A cheesy moustache and a double-breasted tux can open doors...
But because I am a seeker, I knew there was something missing. One act. Something patriotic. Something a little bit country. Something a little sexy... (now you click)

If you must, call her "Sandy Belle."
Okay, she's actually, according to
Garance: "The Dreg’s Sandra Bauleo, a model and comedian. You can see her head-shot over at R & L Model Management. ... Sandra and the gang will be performing this Tuesday, April 17, as part of the PuPu Platter act at Manhattan gay nightclub Boysroom, on Avenue A and 12th Street.

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