Friday, May 11, 2007


  • CLICK HERE FOR YOUR DONNA LANGE UPDATE. She's left Bermuda and is between here and there.
  • And click here to see the Coast Guard step away from the administration's fuel-over-folks policies.
  • Teevee just can't get out of its own way. CBS, the "network" (remember them) that should be on its pension, if not life-support, has decided to offend some of us by walking the Pirates of the Cuckabu plank, Arrr. Just in time for the threequel's release. Survivor atrocian Mark Burnett used Picton Castle in his new “reality show” Pirate Master. Those who choose to watch will get to see a bunch of self-important jerks dressed up like college football mascots compete in some sort of fake reality "Tall Ships for the Nascar Crowd" gimmickry. Funny, you can do that for a slight entrance fee at any seaside festival this Summer. More details on those later.
  • The thing is, what's up with Castle's involvement? Do you say, "Well they've had a tough year, and this should get Picton Castle out of the tragic death-at-sea pages?" Or is teevee capitalizing on that tragedy? Or do you say Picton is a training vessel and shouldn't be used for all the phony hoopla of Ren-Faire product tie-ins and fakeass ye mateys crap. It seems a bad idea, this teevee.
  • A really bad idea.
  • And, what, on a working ship, does that guy with the eyepatch, the hook, and the pegleg DO, exactly?
  • I know. He takes care of the parrot.
  • Your Theatre (New Bedford) is holding auditions for The Water Widow, Ray Veary’s play about a woman who loses her fisherman husband to the sea. The spooky, ethereal, almost-Noh play was originally (according to the press release) "commissioned by Culture*Park, and culled from C*P interview tapes with the New Bedford fishing community who participated in C*P’s Fathoms oral histories project. It premiered as a Culture*Park production, in the New Bedford Nat'l Park, in summer, 2004, directed by C*P Artistic Director Patricia A. Thomas and again at the 1st New Bedford Working Waterfront." I did the show way back then and urge anyone to enjoy it by participating, viewing. Auditions will be held Wednesday, May 23, at The Playhouse, 136 Rivet St. New Bedford at 7:30 PM It'll be staged July 26-29.

    The man who sailed around his soul

    From East to West, from Pole to Pole

    With ego as his drunken captain

    Greed, the mutineer, had trapped all reason in the hold

-XTC, from Skylarking

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lot of metal hull split topsail rigs in 1720's?