Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Commonition to Navigation

Tomorrow, AHA! Night once again grasps New Beffit's sad-sack neck and wrings out another second Thursday of delight and ... drug paraphernalia.

You remember, shipmates, that once every month somebody I know comes up with a new one-day slogan to presume upon NB shopkeepers who then try in some half-hearted way to impose on the sometimes-lively crowds who congregate around local businesses open especially for them on that second Thursday. (The rest of the month, most businesses close at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon to prepare downtown for its usual Historic Whaling GhostTown Re-Enactment Event for which someone must write a grant from the Mass Cultural Council or Tourism Office. It's that good.)
But, to slavishly quote the local Weekly Compass, in New Bedford Hope Spring's Eternal, and there's much to celebrate this May 10. In fact, Art!History!Architecture! (I never know which gets the exclamation point, so, dammit, have three) wears the tartan, "Changing Facade." I suspect they meant "Changing Façade," but cedillas are hard to come by in the Whaling City (or create if you don't have an alt key. Or don't know what a cedilla is.)
Of course, they may have remembered the theme of April 1998's AHA! night, "Stop your Uppity Showing Off, Smarty McHTMLPants!"
So, tomorrow, New Beffit is celebrating the changing facade of downtown. Good for them. But I'm not sure Old New Beffit is ready for one of the events advertised on their site (including an actual lecture yclept The Changing Face of Downtown, partly presented by Judy Downey, who rocks) and other events, like the postponed Earth Day Eve March. Right, that's like one of those Find The Mistakes cartoons. But I mean this one:
"up / stair / fine / art (528 Pleasant Street 2nd Floor) presents Skull Bongs – New Work by Kevin Morosini; Check out calico for NEW indie designer and vintage clothes for spring! All 6-9pm"
Skull Bongs. Yeah, there's your changing façade. Although, I think Kevin is a printmaker, at least according to his website.
I'm okay with that, I was okay with "Cocaine Plants Trees" (June,1987) and "Isn't Scotch Dandy" (March, 1953). But nothing will change my opinion of the most successful AHA! night ever, January 1934's "Free Dawson's Beer and Grandiloquence Night," celebrating the ultimate repeal of Prohibition.So. to precipitate you in the 420 vybe yo, here's Tommy Chong's deleted site, thanks to The MemoryHole.

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