Friday, June 8, 2007


  • Head Acres, "Land With Legs." Read the story of New Bedford scalp estate developer Jon Taylor, a Master of Fine Arts with a minor in chicanery, utilizes, according to the site, "aspects of sculpture, performance, photography, video, and drawings, to talk about basic, universal needs such as food, shelter, and companionship." You knew it would happen sooner or later. Or at least, we did. You can buy a piece of Jon's head, develop it, build on it, and watch as I buy him beer.
  • Blitzkrieg Church. The ChristianRamones (Matty, Marky, Lukey, and Johnny) say: Ho Hey Let's Pray. I've already deleted my link, how long did it take you?
  • Recently, I emceed a show for a group trying to preserve and restore the historic Orpheum theater in New Bedford. Part of the restoration process involves having the building listed on some national register. According to this NOAA story, if the Orpheum were a coal schooner burned and scuttled in the Stellwagen Banks whale feeding ground, it'd be rockin' the marquee by now.
  • The Smithsonian Museum has been accused of, oh, fudging some input in this exhibit about climate change, perhaps in an attempt to get as crazy as The Creation Museum, or in order to please anti-reality funding sources, or at least suck up to the boss. Hey, waitaminnit... Aren't we the boss? The American Museum of National History has this really cool exhibit about mermaids and sea monsters and unicorns. You can see who's serious about the real stuff.
  • Oh, c'mon. Don't tell me you didn't notice. Fred the Carpathian. Oh, that's right: Nobody saw Ghostbusters II. And because I put the above pic there, I leave you with H.M.S. Impossible's possibly only attempt at one of these: Can I haz cheezbrgr NOW?


karie said...

The Head Acres project is going great-guns. Thanks to folks like you who are spreading the word, I found need to secure two more plots to create a buffer around my original investment. Sheeesh!

ThirdMate said...

I was thinking of a little place near the temple, but parking is a meshuggah around the holidays.

Large said...

Lot 25 looks nice,..maybe a golf course across the street in the vacant field to the right ???