Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm in good company.

... and anyone else who's ever received a rejection letter from a publisher. From UK's Guardian :

David Lassman, the director of the Jane Austen Festival in Bath decided to find out what sort of reception the writer might get if she approached publishers and agents in the age of Harry Potter and the airport blockbuster
After making only minor changes, he sent off opening chapters and plot synopses to 18 of the UK's biggest publishers and agents. He was amazed when they all sent the manuscripts back with polite but firm "no-thank-you's" and almost all failed to spot that he was ripping off one of the world's most famous literary figures. Mr Lassman said: "I was staggered. Here is one of the greatest writers that has lived, with her oeuvre securely fixed in the English canon and yet only one recipient recognised them as Austen's work."


Large said...

Well,.. at least they haven't adopted the final sendoff line from that hit teevee show "H@LLS Kitchen"

Take off your jacket...

now F#%$ off.....

(only written in for those of us who don't watch it or ...the soup on E! )

My apologies to those of us more refined..

and yes I share the sadness that folks who decide,.the next best paperback have short memories to their heritage

ThirdMate said...

Ah, cable. Still saving us from ourselves.

karie said...

Not even close.