Thursday, July 12, 2007


  • New Bedford is still Number One. NOAA Fisheries calls New Bedford "the most valuable fishing port in the country." $281.2 million worth of seafood in 2006. Can I now has Deadliest Catch episode?
  • Best. Gig promo.Evah:
    "Once again the D-DOGS [Dancing Dogs] will be playing at our annual"Falmouth on the Green" event this Friday, 13 July, from 6 PM to 7:30. Fun time in the park!...bring along a lawn chair, a fifth of vodka, the kids...and enjoy! Absolutely free! As usual,
    we'll all be naked, playing left-handed and still will not feature any tuba
    solos!!! So c'mon out to the Cape and make a night of it! Hope to see you
  • "Radio is the sound salvation. Radio is cleaning up the nation. They say you better listen to the Voice of Reason, but they don't give you any choice 'cuz they think that it's treason. So you had better do as you were told: You better listen to the radio." Radio Radio. Costello, in 1977.
  • Linda "Hungry Ocean" Greenlaw has a new one. Mystery, this time. She's all over the place, signing 'em. Visit the Captain here.
  • When the Pope says you're not in "the true church," do you have to heckle every guy in a robe? Sore losers offstage, you know:

  • Had enough? This'll fix that:


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