Friday, July 27, 2007


  • Internet and land line phone access was sporadic, then spotty, and then nonexistent. They sent a swell guy to fix it, and he spent his time working up an unpleasant sweat doing what the first swell guy originally should have done.
  • No phone, no cable, no Intertubes. That meant that I had to listen to the local radio. Not only could the newsguy (the one who says 'fotty' instead of 'forty') not pronounce 'acetylene,' but neither could his boss, and this after the other newsguy (who also does an irritating and monstrously logic-deficient O'Reilly tribute show after his news shift) admitted that they got the story (about Hank Hill's propane distributor's fire in Texas) from teevee, where they know how to pronounce 'acetylene.' (The station has a ghastly habit of harping on explosions anywhere on Earth in order to demonstrate the dangers of LNG, which BigOil wants to store hereabouts. No, there shouldn't be an LNG facility anywhere near here. But there should also NOT be insipid reactionary and "if it happened there (even though the circumstances and materials are different) it will happen here" arguments. Particularly false panic-stricken vexation masquerading as "news" wrapped up in "we're looking out for you" self-promotion.
  • And then there's the commercials for the guy who's running for mayor who claims Fall River needs "to attrack ottists lookeen faw loff space."
  • I'm sure they're all just as glad as I am that I don't do that radio shit anymore.
  • In my on-going "marvel" at J. Michael Straczynski's comic book work, I find he's working on "The Twelve," the continuing adventures of a group of 1940's super heroes who are cryofrozen during the war and awakened today. The artist (or ottist, for SouthCoasters), Chris Weston, claims "The Fiery Mask" could be our Cap, Sterling Hayden. We'll see.
  • Gallery X, demonstrating a great need of an acoustics consultant, put on a great show last night. The Rust Kings are everything Jeff and Benares say they are, and I can see why they're all pals. (They met on that myspace, proving that bands can develop mature, legal, and appropriate relationships there, unlike everybody else. All right, lousy pic of Al and Jeanne, but they are the great folk and great musicians.
  • Anyone who knows me knows that I love cover bands. No, not Crystal Ship or GB/wedding bands, but real gimmicky cover bands, like Dread Zeppelin, Hayseed Dixie, and sometimes Cake. Here's a new fave: Lez Zeppelin. For obvious reasons.
  • I feel disgracious for forgetting to tip the cable guy, but he also warned me that another guy had to come and stratiminx the forstat on the pole, which had been haztadented and needed to be dorpilized. Or something. That guy hasn't shown, so I may not get this whole thing out before


karie said...

I am falling off of my chair laughing at all of the insanity in this "soles 'n boles."

Mostly, I feel a burning need to do a translation for those readers far away who do NOT know "the sound" of Rhodle Island or SouthCoast MA voices.

"to attrack ottists lookeen faw loff space."
"to attract artists looking for loft space."

Best of Luck,
To all of Ya!

karie said...

"Rhodle Island" is what all the out-of-towners call ya'll.

That includes out-of-the-way spot like Tiverton.

ThirdMate said...

Do what now?

karie said...