Friday, August 10, 2007


  • Yes. I had Lyme last year, too.
  • In researching the last bit, I Google©d "bush lyme" and Google© asked me "Did you mean bush lame" ?
  • I had been complaining about not liking the even seasons of Buffy. Joss "announced" Season 9. Just when downtown New Bedford's Loony Toonz moves back to Fairhaven.
  • No. You cannot give somebody Lyme. No matter how hard you may wish.
  • So everyone's all excited about Johnny Depp remaking Dark Shadows, mostly because they can say he'll "sink his teeth" into the role. But nobody seems to be talking Rum Diary.
  • Paul Anka's version of Smells Like Teen Spirit is my 4900th iPod download. I didn't plan that. I really should do one of those random-iPod-list things all the kids are doing. Until then, enjoy Doug & The Slugs' early 80's "rock video" for Too Bad. Next time you raise one, raise it to Doug Bennett. I do.

Respect the slug!


ThirdMate said...

Sarah Vowell said this about iPod DL#4900: 'At first, it's jarring to hear the guy who wrote Donny Osmond's "Puppy Love" sing Kurt Cobain's lyrics: "a mosquito, my libido." But listen hard and you can hear what Anka hears. He doesn't hear the ranting of weirdos. He hears the poetry, the architecture of a justifiably standard song like "Autumn in New York," like "Fly Me to the Moon."'

karie said...


And I was just thinking...


ThirdMate said...

Sure. But you thought Willie Nelson doing "Smells.." was "creepy."
Can't wait 'til I find Tori's cover.