Friday, August 17, 2007


  • I wasn't ignoring Phil Rizzuto when I dedicated a post to the late Brooke Astor. As a kid who grew up listening to any radio station that had any baseball game going, his voice came up once or twice. No, he didn't obsess about baseball. But he made me feel that as a baseball fan and sometimes player, I was part of something much much bigger. Cannolis all 'round!
  • Not only can they poison our pets and children, but the Chinese government can now regulate reincarnation. Our gubmint only just spies on us.
  • Any one interested in seeing a Revolutionary War encampment? Anyone who isn't actually pitching a tent at Fort Taber, I mean? Those wacky historical re-enactors are at it again. I mean demonstrators. Whatever. Can't you just smell the gunpowder and noisome costuming?
  • This week, the intertubes have been filled with Elvis this and that. Here's mine. I miss Kirsty MacColl:

1 comment:

Large said...

ok,.. lets wear around and load the cannons with golfballs and "demonstrate" a broadside....errrrr Salute

Titelist of course,..must support the local economy

so if I was in China I can't put in my request to be reincarnated as a .........

I just hope Brooke Astor knows about this,. we don't need her trapped in some chinese politician,..Hmmm maybe that wouldnt be so bad ??