Friday, August 31, 2007


  • Yes. Labor Day. Summer isn't over yet. But you can get rid of the white-belt-white-shoe ensemble.
  • My shipwright friend Woody was raised in Hawaii. I defer to him on matters Aloha. He says: The only time you are allowed to tuck your Aloha Shirt into your pants is if (1)your shirt has a repeating pattern and (2)the circumstance requires a jacket. AT NO TIME should one tuck a shirt that has a "frame" or border. NEVER tuck a shirt that has figures, pictures, or silhouettes along the bottom or sides. Those who make Aloha Shirts insist it is preferable to keep an Aloha Shirt untucked. That's how they were originally intended. Mahalo.

  • The reason I mention this is because I've noticed that the tucked Aloha Shirt seemed to be the In-Thing this fund-raising season with the Chipotle Graham Cracker Mojito and Tax Deduction Crowd. I mean, who wears an Aloha Shirt to something like last weekend's DNRT Barn Dance? A barn dance. With (contra) "square" dancing? At least I had the good sense to Johnny Cash it.
  • Oh, and if that barn roof had fallen in, the entire SouthCoast medical establishment would have been wiped out. Can't keep them docs away from land conservation. Apparently.
  • The little fiscally-impaired marina where I've tied off has decided to pull every other lightbulb out in order to save $85,000. My suggestion at Town Meeting that we could make $85,000 --easy!-- selling the lightbulbs to guys in Jamaica Plain MA or Carroll Gardens Brooklyn went unheeded. This guy is bumming.


Dr. Momentum said...

He pulls off the shirt.

ThirdMate said...

So he can put the lotion on his skin?