Sunday, September 30, 2007

La Fragata Libertad...

... is in Boston. I know I've been remiss (actually remiss-and-a-half) in my originally-stated "I'll be blogging about Tall Ship™s (since I at least know about them) while I blog about trying to figure out the contemporary world." All right, I never said that, but it's a swell sentiment, isn't it? And gosh, look:

La Libertad is the Argentinian Navy's sail training vessel, and before you start with the "Argentina has a Navy?" stuff, I'll remind you that they have submarines.
This is probably as a good a time as any to hop aboard (just pretend you're in Galway):

La Libertad is a re-e-e-eally long (301') full-rig ship. Ship-rigged vessel. Ship. That was commissioned in 1962 and has won Japan's National Institute for Sail Training's Boston Tea Pot several times. I admit that I have never heard of this The Boston Tea Pot. That Boston Tea Potty, yes. But if the U.S.C.G. Eagle has won this trophy, it must be legit. But a little, erm, random. The winning ship is the one that covers the most sea in 124 hours. Go ahead, look at the Tea Pot website. (It was not written by Yoda. It was translated for those who cannot enjoy the poetry that is Japanese sail-talk.)
The beauty of a neat trophy like The Boston Tea Pot is that you get to keep it on board until someone else wins it. Which means you have a real physical manifestation of your bragging rights that serves a useful purpose. You can actually make beverages in it.
Welcome to Massachusetts, Che!

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