Monday, September 17, 2007

"The People In My NetborHood"

I have been remiss in my responsibility to a "weblogger" who has added H.M.S. Impossible to his "blogroll."

I'm actually half-past remiss, with occasional gusts into ungracious.

When I was on dialysis, the mates got together and scraped up an iPod to help me to while away the dreary hours while my blood danced through tubes to be cleansed of toxins. Of course, on off days, I busily loaded said iPod up with musics from my huge CD and cassette collection, but only had the opportunity to download the B-side of Doug and the Slug's "Too Bad/The Move" single from Ritdong before my rubber-band-driven hi-fi turntable whirled its last. Of course, after a few thousand songs get digitized and squoze into one's earbuds, one starts looking for more. (I eventually got off the machine. The dialysis one. Not the mp3 one.)

The interweb tubes. You type in "girl" and you get Adam Ant's "Deutscher Girls" and Warren Zevon's cover of Allen Toussaint's "A Certain Girl." It was like when I was a kid kicking around the PaperBack BookSmith bargain record bin looking for mis-labeled impossibly-valuable imports the manager mistakenly stuck there. Rummaging through the musty piles of mildewed mambo records at the Island Park Flea Market. Wandering around Al Bum's in Worcester, where some kid actually recognized me as that guy from the radio. "The college radio."

But that was all last century. Analog.

I don't know how I came upon the site Armagideon Time. I really don't know. But I can make this up: I do remember I was looking for something about my old career (growing and selling orchids). And I found this. WOW! Imagine: someone who titled his web presence after one of my favorite Willie Williams songs (the Clash dub is called "Justice Tonight/Kick It Over"). (This, despite my Beloved's mistrust of fakafarians.) Comic book pedagogy. But in a good way. Engrossing erudition. Charming wit. A self-assured and singular voice. And, every post, a bunch of wicked good songs. Which I regard briefly, of course, and then buy from iTunes. Of course. Or Newbury Comics. Where Aimee Mann was my boss or something. But that's another story...

Anyhow, bitterandrew: Thank you for stopping by and honoring me in your 'roll. And thank you for your blog. You and Dr. Momentum. I know that you do not find it necessary to commit comments, so go on and join with the other 'mates here at this old rig who never leave messages. While I invite them to indulge in the wonder that is Armagideon Time.
It also gives me the opportunity to allow my solicitor, Jen Walters, to appear, sans apologia.


Dr. Momentum said...

Would you be mine, could you be mine...

Ms. Walters doesn't return my calls. Just thought I'd mention that.

Also, I've always liked Aimee Mann. And you always seem to have another story.

bitterandrew said...

Thanks for the very kind words! It really made my day.

ThirdMate said...

bitterandrew:You just stop by and read them any old time and make another day.

Dr. M: Things are crazy at the firm since they made Book a partner. I hope your call isn't about something earth-shattering. Oh, wait, that's what she specializes. (nb: Massachusetts does not have a procedure for the specialty certification of earth-shattering.)