Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Free Range Capitalism

As I pointed out last week, the U.S. Coast Guard has come out with a strongly-worded warning to the LNG industry penisnoggins who believe it would be a swell idea to build an LNG storage facility in a populated city 26 miles up a beautiful and populated bay. Piloting huge LNG tankers up Narraganset Bay and the Taunton River is, in the Coasties' word, "unsafe."

Weaver's Cove or Hess LNG or Amerada-Hess (or whatever corporate lie label they're using this week to avoid detection or taxation or litigation) has spent (depending on whomever you choose to believe) over $100 million dollars to insure that they can build their facility in the worst place on Earth for that facility. And they're going to keep on fighting to do so. Because there's your monster this Hallowe'en.

I often say that this little corner of The Beach is a microcosm of the greater mainland. Events and trends occur more noticeably and sometimes before visibly effecting the rest of the country, so watching the SouthCoast can often give you an idea of some prevailing drift. This area sees economic recession before the rest of the country. People are fearful and insular, xenophobic and completely self-motivated. There is no sense of "for the common good." Both communities and residents are broke and living on credit and making bad decisions. The electorate is polarized, misinformed, unsophisticated, disenchanted and disenfranchised. They want to win the lottery, but want someone else to buy the tickets. Politicians are obvious and misanthropic and grudging and more energetic a few weeks before the election than you'll ever see during the rest of their terms.

And the Corporates love the shattered social structure, the uninformed value-hunting consumers addicted to waste and fads. Government-subsidized and -protected multinationals build their WalMartSuperGenModFoodPrescriptoCenter where there used to be a dairy farm right next to the Target (in that lot where we used to play baseball) near the Applebee's next to the TGIFriday's (that used to be where the library was) next to the Hess station attached to the McD's across the street from the Exxon station (where that kid's mom's diner was) with the Burger King/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut across the street from the school that had to close because none of those businesses have paid any property taxes for three years because they were given TIFs to attract them here even though they would have come here anyway. And the dumb obese kids get dumber and Type 2 diabetes. But to keep up with the tax burden, Dad sold the family hardware store when The Lowe Depot moved in, and Dad stocks shelves there now, so he don't speak up against the boss, who may or may not employ people at slave wages in a sexist racist homophobic anti-union workplace where you should just shut up and stop being so damned politically correct and have a few beers blow through a few stop signs go home and watch the Sox.
Or the FOX.
Look, shiny.
I hate The Beach.


Anonymous said...

penisnoggins ?

karie said...

The above mentioned creative word seems pretty appropriate to me.

Wow! After that beautifully summed up reflection of the sad, sad state of the nation (not just our neighborhood, I argue) I Hate the Beach, too. Living on a sailboat with a few chickens, a couple of goats, a veggie and herb garden/greenhouse and sailing the globe is starting to seem like an understandable concept to me. Not that I have resisted the idea of sailing off... but now longer and farther just seems better somehow. Especially after looking at your link to the Herald article about LNG not backing down.

How much more plain can it be?!! The military arm that regulates and ensures the safety of our nation’s waters said "No."

Ah, but corporations are by nature "narcissists" and do not hear that word, let along comply with it. The saddest thing is how rapidly the average person falls for the lie that "it is in people's best interest" when anyone with a brain in their head and who is paying any attention understands that there is NEVER any "best interest" involved in any corporate drive, except the fatter dollar for the shareholders (NOT the stakeholders.)

A Halloween nightmare, in-frickin-deed!!!