Friday, October 5, 2007


  • The Bruins. Against the Dallas Stahs. Stars. Whatever. Former Minnesota North Stars. 8:30 tonight. The official start of Hawkee season. If you have the NESN.
  • I have a memory of tying off a boat in Nova Scotia and running up into town to get some money from an ATM. Without thinking much about exchange rates, I pushed the button for "Withdraw $20" and was pleasantly surprised when I received $32 out of the machine. "I'm playing this machine all the time," I laughed to a shipmate as the Scotians in the line smiled at the Yank. Look who's laughing now.
  • The countdown continues. At the end of October, the wrecking ball starts swinging down at Colonel Green's old estate. Radome down, when will I know when to turn to port to get home after a day at Newport?
  • Just to let the guys at Dark Horse know I'm still on their side, Brian K Vaughan has saved Buffy Season 8.
  • Next Thursday is Joan Cusack's birthday. Yes, I went to school with her hubby. I missed her by one Homecoming game and an alumni club luncheon, I think.Damn.
  • And here's an ad from a company that sells billions of dollars worth of smelly soaps and creams telling you to talk to your daughter about beauty companies trying to sell them something.

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