Friday, October 12, 2007


  • My friend Chuck sent me this: "October 14 - Rural Cemetery Tour - 1 to 4 p.m. (Rain date October 21) -Fifth Annual Cemetery Tour is back by popular demand! - Tour Rural Cemetery(Dartmouth Street Entrance, New Bedford) with the Preservation Society and enjoy historic portrayals of New Bedford notables at gravesides along the tour route." I'd ask the marketing peoples if "the Fifth Annual... is back" means that it's at least the sixth event of its kind because the Fifth Annual would have had to have been done at least once before in order to be back as an annual event. But that would make me an asshole.
  • I can, however, mock because I've stood in that cemetery on a frigid Sunday before Halloween pretending to be a "New Bedford notable." Twice.
  • I happened upon this while looking for organizations "striving" to provide opportunities for workers around the SouthCoast. Because I was curious. From the bottom of the page: "The Workforce Training Fund offers both a General (more than $50,000) and Express (50 employees or less) program. If you have any questions regarding the Workforce Training Fund, call... blah blah blah." Yeah, why is your organization's acronym "WTF"?
  • The 265 year-old guy (the career politician who never changes his vote, even when people want him to, the one who hurts to listen to and hard to understand when you read him) who's running for Mayor of Fall River (because his name rhymes with 'Mayor' sometimes) has suggested a "downtown entertainment zone" that would shut down traffic at certain times. I thought the local Downtown Stakeholders' initiatives have shut down traffic already.
  • Y'see, because they haven't ...with the traffic because ...erm no traffic anyway...
  • Here's a Downtown Stakeholder:


Large said...

And all these years I thought Capt. Briggs was a Marion notable.....

WTF means ..

"We Thank Fallrive"

"Wheres The Fillafel"

"Wheres The Fun"

"Whats That Foundation"

"Who's The Founder"

"When (do) They (shut their) Foul (mouths) "

and of course for you ACK'ers (Nantucket whaleship bound)

"Where The Figawi" as only a yahtie could sayyyyy

karie said...

Why The Fear?

When Then, Fools?

Without The Fundamentals.

Which Tie Functions?

Wherever They Fund!

We Try For (you)

Winning The Fame

Wishing To Focus

Wallowing Tiny Flags

Fun game!

Wow, That's Fun.

karie said...

-Oh, wait... I forgot - - -

Wild Teat Fantasy

(Nice job on the hot "shot", and the Buffy "Stake Holder" pun!!!)

Lefty said...

If she were a stake holder downtown I'd be visiting downtown more often.

ThirdMate said...

Aw, c'mon, Lefty! Fall River is a lot like Sunnydale:
The pale people who only come out at night.
The lesbian witches.
The lovable Mayor who becomes an evil snake.

Dr. Momentum said...

A downtown entertainment zone? But how can they possibly offer anything to get people away from the compelling television programming of today... like "The Bachelor." Question mark, question mark, question mark, exclamation point.

Question mark.

ThirdMate said...

Dr, What, no American Idol? (very prudent use of punctuation, btw)
Of course, I meant "evil GIANT snake."
And, Large, wasn't there a "Wally's Tahitian Fondue" in Tampa?