Friday, October 19, 2007


So I went in for another laser blast at the nasty retinopathies so I couldn't see out of one eye and was dealing with lack of depth perception. Three unreadable books on the bedside table, a lasered eye and a throbbing optic nerve (when the anesthesia wore off), and all I could do was fumble for my iPod, thrill that I was 2 weeks early with the eyepatch, and try to avoid talk radio. Here's 10 That Were Shuffled. You tell me what worked...

  • When the Ship Comes In, Bob Dylan
    Motherless Child, Prince
    It's Up To You, The Specials
    Mambo Jambo, Pérez Prado
    You Are My Face, Wilco
    Oh Carolina, Shaggy
    V'erastikh Li, Frank London
    King Without a Throne, Sugar Simone
    Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3, Ian Dury & the Blockheads
    Sand, Phish
  • Back last century, in college radio, I would have turned on the mike maybe twice during that set. Once after The Specials as the mambo played in the bg, saying something dumb about the terrible rumor of Halloween murders on campus and then while Frank London played in after Shaggy, probably to say something about my kosher friends, the Rabbifarians. Of course, the Wilco, Frank London, Shaggy, and Phish didn't exist yet.
  • When I worked in "professional radio," the Pérez Prado was pretty much all I could've gotten away with. And somebody was always calling to correct how I said "Pérez." Even when I said it right.
  • So the local radio newsguy can't pronounce some names. He doesn't find out the pronunciation for three hours. Does this mean no one has called to correct him? Does that mean that no one is listening? That no one at the station (including his boss) is listening? Or does it mean that no one cares?
  • Why do I care? Because I'm sick of people laughing when I say I used to work in radio. "You couldn't have -- You're way too smart!"
  • If I were that smart, I'd have an internet radio show or music blog. But people who know me would say I was desperately trying to recapture some past lost magic. Come on. Look at your broadcasters. Can I afford to lose that much mojo?
  • And except for the commercials I wrote, voiced, and produced, live parade and fire sale shots, and my ability to pleasantly and skillfully communicate with people from radio stations other than the ones I worked at, I sucked at radio.
  • Stop by . The waterboarding you stop may be your own. You might also want to tell Congress habeas corpus is knocking at the door and wants back in.
  • Saw Robert F. Kennedy Jr speak last night. Thanking him and the Hudson Riverkeepers and everybody else who sees value in things that don't have barcodes and pricetags, like rivers and mountains and fish. (No, fish don't have barcodes in the wild.). His ideas about politicians' perversion of our democracy and the need for an educated citizenry should send shivers up. As usual, New Bedford should be ashamed that they couldn't fill the Zeiterion.
  • Speaking of art museums, Hafdis Huld is appearing tomorrow at the Reykjavik Art Museum. Golly she's swell.
  • In case you were all "Whatthefunk?" with my random tiny gramophone playlist: Here's some Bootsy:


Large said...

Even with one eye tied behind your back ( sorry coultn't resist ) you see things clearly maybe the Local Arts Scene needs some of that MOJO

Wishing you a quick recovery


Anonymous said...

WOW! Sugar Simone. Hafdis is appearing at the airwaves festival.

ThirdMate said...

It wasn't as bad as it sounds. Pretty much. Better now. Thanks for the spirit, Large.

And "anonymous," feel free to share any info you have about the Iceland Airwaves show. Pics would be excellent. And if you hear anything about the Draft Hafdis Movement '08.

anónima said...


HAFDIS sponsors REYKA Vodka.

REYKA Vodka sponsors The ICELAND DANCE CO.

The ICELAND DANCE CO plays at THE Z, in NEW BEDFORD in a week.

THE LOCAL PAPER complains about THE Z. Too many risks taken? Too little numbers provided? Too few seats filled?


Let's take some responsibility for SUCCESS.


AND- maybe now it is time for the prices to be made reachable for ALL New Bedford area natives, too.


From the port of Reykjavik to the port of New Bedford! The Z is thrilled to host the first U.S. tour of the acclaimed Iceland Dance Company. The Company has won the hearts and souls of audiences around the world with their spunk, energy and humor.