Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Something about Persia

I learned a while ago not to look too closely at the SiteMeter.
Well, I learned it when my comments were weirdly vandalized by someone who kept signing on as me, leaving a big empty space. About 87 times. So big deal. Now I know that someone in Canada had nothing better to do.
By the (heavily altered) chart above, you see that I am used to a small number of visitors. So my attention was attracted to a trend that started last Thursday. Apparently, there's something about "Persia" that has people swarming the deck. Specifically, people are Googling™ this image and going to a post wishing Persia a Happy 1386.
Perhaps one of you could explain why the sudden interest in this image, from all around the world (Japan, Romania, California, Argentina, Canada, Italy, India, Spain...).
If you're stopping by, leave a comment to let me know what it is that brought you here.
I'm familiar enough with the world to know that "Persia" is Iran and Iran is in peoples' minds because Iran pulled the short straw in the World War III Profiteers' "Who's Next?" pool.
I'd like to think that you're looking for information about King Cyrus of Persia, whose "Cyrus Cylinder" is thought of as the first "human rights document." In it, Cyrus allows the citizens of Babylon freedom of work and worship.
I trust it's not an offensive image, and I certainly meant the Happy New Year wish, and continue to respect the Zoroastrian: "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds."


karie said...

This little break totally made my lunch hour!
Happy Birthday Persia.
And thanks!

ThirdMate said...

That was a March 21 post. I guess I should've mentioned that. October 29 is the day when Cyrus's taking of Babylon is commemorated.
(Karie is not one of the Googlers™.)