Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An explanation. Or several.

While my Beloved has been away, I'm learning more about HTML so that I'm not completely at the mercy of the two or three little icons above me here on the "Compose" page that allow me to change fontsize or show a picture. Everybody knows how to embed images. I'm playing catch-up here since I only learned Pascal before I was swept back into the Eighteenth Century. By the time I got back on The Beach, all the kids were img src and href and tagging and coding and I had enough trouble just trying to get enough space on the free webpage I got from The Deathstar to put a caption on a picture. And finding info on Usenet was hard even if you knew where to look. I could've taken a programming class, but I don't roll like that. So, ever the autodidact, I learn for myself by myself, pick up hints here and there, trial and error. And it appears that HTML is just one vile task after another.
I thought it would be a fun experiment to make a "Support The WGA" picture and put it in a visible place to show my support for the strikers. As if I hadn't done that already with my constant pro-Labor sentiments anyway. I just want to help, as I usually do. I know, it's a gift. And a curse. So I found a picture of our cat Tuki Flicka. She's not sick. (It's not lupus. It's never lupus.) She's a pygmy monkey cat, a relative of the flying corduroy lemur. She had stuck her face into my phone, and besides looking much larger than she actually is (three pounds), she had an urgency about her that, I felt, says a lot about labor relations.
If you click the pic, you'll go to United Hollywood, a site that has daily information updates about the writers' action. They're also in the Gam. You've probably been annoyed throughout this piece by flashing names. Beeping and blinking and flashing. If you "hover" your cursor over certain phrases -- the ones that look forced and out of place -- you'll learn some names of people whose work you might just recently have thought to think about. (No, I didn't use the "overline" tag. Where's the sport in that?)
Hey, look! It's TV's Frank!


karie said...

That UTbe was hilarious!!!
Love Tuki's supportive stance.

Katie said...

That is great... I love "now we're going to have to tell stories without stories". Hilarious.