Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Free Rice

Here's a fun game: You click here. That link will send you to

You can click here as well

And you play a little word game. They'll explain it to you. It might make you smarter, but I'm sure it'll make people less hungry. Which might make them smarter and then we won't have to get cosmetics companies to help send them rice. The "rice" is distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme.

Thousands of people gone because of Cyclone Sidr, thousands more homeless. 80% of the Mexican state of Tabasco has been flooded for the past month. "Might be a good time to see if you can do anything for the Red Cross.

While you're enjoying Thanksgiving Week, which apparently means you're not doing anything better with your time, see how you can help the Dennis Kucinich campaign for Strength Through Peace.

I'll be gone til next time. I'm still mourning the Martini Glass. Talk among yourselves.


katie said...

Thank you PJ. I'm sick with a cold and in my cubicle... I "played" Free Rice all day.

ThirdMate said...

Hope you feel better for the holiday. Thanks for playing. (There. I said it and meant it. Usually I say "Thanksforplayingkaythanxb-bye." I have sincerity issues.)

katie said...

And a happy holiday to you and Karie as well.