Friday, November 9, 2007


  • Congratulations and good luck to my noisy neighbors, the Dartmouth High School Marching Band, who won the New England Scholastic Band Association Championship. Next stop, tomorrow at Giants Stadium.
  • Sometime "in the next two weeks," Col. Green's Martini Glass is coming down forever. I was going to relate some philosophizing about how we've lost our sense of history and respect for heritage, but then I just got tired.
  • What'd I tell you about the "Time For A Change" gang in the SouthCoast? Incumbents are always assured safety! Although "Time For A Change" was the most used phrase in political advertising this season, it really holds no influence. The constant drone of it on talk radio and newspapers has effectively declawed it. Either that or the media is just a few loudmouths who really don't matter at the polls. "Time For A New Catchphrase."
  • It's a disturbing trend in political cynicism: A politician asserts that everything is great except for one thing, which the politician is working on so don't talk about it or you're just negative and obstructionist. Hop on board the Happy Bus. If you mention or dwell on any flaw, get ready to be patronized, ignored or ridiculed. It's the way The W is about Iraq, and new May-Ah Cor-Ay-Ah is about FawRivah.
  • Can't be helping Ben Bernanke any.
  • One thing I'll always approach with realistic caution and positive encouragement is the New Bedford Short Plays Marathon, which challenges authors, audience and actors alike with 20 homegrown dramatic pieces presented over the afternoon and night.
  • The local economy (New Bedford anyway) is doing magically well. At the new "merlot" martini bar last night, the group of well-heeled artists were discussing how the "developers" around here are actually just contractors. Actual developers develop, not just build. In which case, the New Bedford artists are the developers of a sustainable arts (creative) economy. Funny, innit?
  • As of 7:42 Wednesday night, the flood of visitors looking for "Persia" has ended. And nobody left a note explaining why they were here. I feel so cheap.
  • What's that I hear?

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