Friday, November 16, 2007


  • Ani DiFranco and Howard Zinn both like Dennis Kucinich. Now don't start with me on the "he's not electable so just hold your nose and back someone who is." The key to taking someone seriously in this point of an election is to get ideas on the table. Or the tube.
  • And I don't mean the UFO nonsense.
  • If we ever allow Puerto Rican statehood, let's not let them represent the rest of us in the pet care business.
  • If Blackwater Worldwide knew what was good for them, they'd put veterinarians on the payroll and get a gubmint contract to take care of that.
  • As much as I love the new "Progress in the Name of The Ahts 2.0" stance that's feeding the rhetoric in the Falling River City, I always worry when the same people who have failed at defining a creative economy for twenty years mention "stipulations that the property be used for cultural purposes or private development." In a city where "private development" is the only culture, that's pretty disingenuous.
  • And honestly, if there's anyone out there who's from a small city with no arts community and a strong history of being unfriendly to education, literacy, and the arts: Did you have to pass by-laws or create "overlay districts" to get the arts into town? How's that working out for you?
  • Y'see, it works this way, like in New Bedford. Have a history of art appreciation and historical interest, some shops and museums, say. Have a school (like the Swain School or D-UMass) that teaches and employs artists. Have schools and museums and businesses foster good publicity for the city.
  • Anne Brengle, the much-beloved Executive Director President of the New Bedford Whaling Museum is leaving. Same Anne who said, "Nothing is impossible. I invite you to visit a museum and walk through its galleries where you will be able to see and learn so many things. You never know; it could change the course of your life, too." I was lucky to work with her during the much-ballyhooed expansion of the museum. Fair winds.
  • UPDATE: Ms. Brengle's going to the Coast Guard Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity that, according to itself, "distributes funding among all nine Coast Guard districts, overseas units and the Academy." They're based in Stonington CT, and are most famous for golf tournaments and dinners. No really. I imagine events will be a bit more diverse soon. She'll be helping to supplement funding the most important branch of the service, and continue the CG's commitment to excellence. in education quality of life. Go Coasties!
  • The commander of U.S.S. Constitution was in Fall River, sharing his aunt's enthusiasm for reading with the kids. (His aunt, by the way, is a swell sailor.) Well, his boat was in New Bedford. Is too! There's Fairhaven, see? Photo from ODHS. Thanks Anne.
    What? Oh, that's right. It's not The Past where you are.


Dr. Momentum said...

It was nice to have him in the neighborhood so that I could get him over to No Problemo for lunch.

I know, that's where I take everyone.

Katie said...

I like today's post. I much appreciate getting my Southcoast news & information here... instead of my other options. Thanks for that, PJ.

ThirdMate said...

I knew I should've shouted out to the Doctor. No Problemo's 3 Exciting New Words: Full Liquor License. (& They already have the cream soda in the cooler.)

Welcome, aboard Katie. Well, that's two of us.

Katie said...

This is fantastic news. A Tostada salad and a cocktail? My three new favorite words: It's walking distance.