Tuesday, December 4, 2007

$anta Comes Early to Downtown NB

... and look what we got!
We're calling this one AhabIt's a SOLAR TRASH COMPACTOR! Right in front of NBAM! And there's FIFTY more!

The Big Belly compactors have a built-in solar panel that powers the internal compactor, which crushes trash at the point of disposal. The solar powered trash compactors are so efficient they will eliminate four out of every five collection trips city crews make to empty a regular trash barrel, allowing personnel to attend to other priorities. In addition, the compactors are designed to discourage illegal dumping and pilfering, and to deter animals from getting into the trash as well.

... said the city in this Press Release.
Oddly enough, there are actually two other trash receptacles (the regular kind, designed for animals, illegal dumping, and pilfering) within seven feet of this new one. But the feeling is that once they see the job this Big Belly Boy does, they'll find some other corner to inhabit, lamenting their chosen anti-triturating lifestyles.
Former Ant-Man Scott Lang, Stark International electronics genius and now mayor of New Bedford, came up with the Pym-inspired trash-shrinkers while working for the Fantastic Four, where he really didn't have much to do.
(ImpossibleFact: The receptacles were originally designed to feature an Incredible Hulk image which growled, "HULK SMASH!" when trash was deposited. Because certain DownTown New Bedford historical and preservation groups voiced unease, the Hulk theme was eliminated. But they kept the green.)


Katie said...

Another informative and smoldering critique in the world according to PJ. (Which, in case my tone is not being properly translated here, I truly enjoy & appreciate.)

ThirdMate said...

It IS my world, and you're dancing in it.